IVECO’s market-leading Daily 4x4 light truck is now available in a Mini Bus model, combining the Daily’s outstanding off-road capabilities with seating to safely and comfortably carry up to 14 passengers.

Available in a either a 4,495kg or 5,500kg GVM, the Daily Mini Bus is a full time four wheel drive and features the superior traction of front, centre and rear differential locks as standard. Crawling ability is also industry-best courtesy of a double low range transfer case with an amazing 1:101 final ratio.

For added performance, the Daily Mini Bus is constructed on a tough ‘C’ section, high tensile steel chassis that provides durability and allows greater flex over demanding terrain. Yet despite its superior off-road ability and truck toughness, the Daily Mini Bus delivers a driving experience and comfort levels that are similar to a passenger car than a rugged off-roader.

On the Safety front, the Mini Bus boasts an ECE-R29-rated cabin, driver’s airbag and ABS brakes with Electronic Stability Program.

With its perfect combination of off-road performance and comfort levels, the Daily 4x4 Mini Bus is ideal for a wide range of applications including:

  • Outback / off-road tour work
  • Mine site and forestry transport vehicle
  • Emergency services
  • Off-road support vehicle

The Daily 4x4 Mini Bus is powered by a 3.0 litre direct injection diesel engine with Variable Geometry Turbo for superior power and performance. The engine delivers an impressive 170hp (125kW) of power and 400Nm of torque from a low 1,250 rpm while still meeting the latest Euro 6 emissions standards through EGR+SCR technology. For excellent control off-road, the innovative engine is coupled to Iveco’s proven 6-speed synchromesh manual transmission.

  • Powerful yet efficient advanced 3.0 litre turbo diesel engine
  • Meets latest Euro 6 emissions standards
  • Smooth-shifting 6-speed manual transmission

The Daily 4x4 Mini Bus incorporates the convenience and added performance of a permanent four wheel drive system with front, centre and rear differential locks. Torque distribution is optimised (32% to the front and 68% to the rear axle) to give the best possible grip on all types of terrain.

With all differential locks engaged, all wheels, front and rear are locked to the same speed and turn in unison delivering outstanding traction. An electronic control unit linked to electro-hydraulic actuators controls the manual engagement and disengagement of the three diff-locks in sequence, selecting them automatically on the basis of speed to guarantee maximum safety and traction. The vehicle can be equipped with two Power Take-Offs (PTOs) to drive external equipment via hydraulic pumps and cardan shafts making the Daily 4x4 Mini Bus an extremely versatile vehicle.

The 6-speed gearbox (with overdrive in 6th) is coupled to a central transfer box with two reduction stages giving a total of 24 forward speeds, 12 for road/trail use and 12 for off road use (6x2 + 6x2) plus 4 reverse gears. The broad availability of low range ratios allows the Daily 4x4 Mini Bus to safely negotiate the steepest of terrains.

The first synchronised reduction gear can be selected (half speed) with the vehicle in motion. The second reduction stage is dedicated to extreme off road use and can only be engaged with the vehicle stationary.

The new Daily 4x4 might be tough on the outside with its aggressive styling, high tensile steel truck chassis, steel three-piece front bumper and off-road hardware, but on the inside it’s a quiet and comfortable driving environment. Boasting an all-new cabin interior with improved sound deadening, newclimate control system and driver’s air suspended seat, the Daily 4x4 is quiet and comfortable for both short and long journeys. It has ergonomically-designed controls and switches, multiple storage compartments and Bluetooth-equipped sound system, the new Daily 4x4 is also easy-to-use.

  • High tensile steel (Fe490) truck chassis and three-piece steel bumper
  • Air suspended driver’s seat

Constructed from a solid steel truck chassis, the Daily 4x4's frame is built tough for tough conditions. The beams and cross members are made from high strength tubular steel (Fe490), with a C section of 5mm. The result is a rigid structure capable of withstanding the torsional stress and fatigue typical of extreme off road applications. The 3.4 metre wheelbase gives ample ground clearance to drive with confidence in off road conditions. A strong chassis also allows easy fitment of a wide range of body types.

The front axle is fitted with parabolic 3 leaf springs while the rear it is fitted with parabolic 4 leaf springs offering cushioning from the harshest of conditions. The telescopic shock absorbers and anti-roll stabiliser bars, coupled to the rigid axles, offer excellent performance on any type of terrain and gradient without penalising load capacity


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